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Hey All,

I'd like to use RAID 0 one ATA in my FreeBSD box (it's 4.7 right now, but I
plan to upgrade to 5.1 this week). I have some basic questions, if they've
been answered already, maybe someone could point me to a link:

- If I use a hardware ATA RAID card, are there certain system settings
required for FreeBSD to recognize this, or is the RAID format done at a
platform-independent level (BIOS or other boot utilities)?

FreeBSD has always automagically recognized my RAID0 array (Promise onboard 20265 and 20276). If you set up the RAID array before installing 5.1 you should be fine. There are also FreeBSD HD management utilities that can be used to create and manage RAID arrays (e.g., atacontrol), but I haven't used them.

- If one of the 2 hard drives fail, the data will still be visible and
accessible on the remaining drive correct? How easy is it to replace the
failed drive? Will the data from the good drive automatically copy over to
the newly replaced drive or are there a lot of shenanigans involved?

You are describing RAID1, not RAID0. Some reading about RAID before you do this is recommended, I think. :)

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