FreeBSD Team:

   First please let me thank for providing an excellent distribution. I
   wanted to inform you of a new project I have started and that will be
   available within the next couple of days. I am setting up a central
   repository for BitTorrent links relating "only" to Open Source
   projects. I would like to including FreeBSD's .torrent links, in our
   future home page when your torrents are available. I am letting you
   know in case this is unacceptable, if it is please let me know.

   If this is acceptable please let me know as well. I sincerely hope
   that this will help take some load off of yours and your mirrors
   servers. I like the faster downloads and I am certain others do as

   The future sites location is at [1]

   Thank you very much for your time,

   James P. Carter
   Small Office Home Office (SOHO) Networking and Design


   2. mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
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