On October 28, 2003 5:56 am, Jim wrote:

>New to FreeBSD.  Version 4.8 stable.  Fresh install.
>Why am I allowed to chmod 000 a file after installation (ex: /usr/bin/rsh,
>or /usr/bin/yppasswd), but cannot following a cvsup and installworld?  I get
>an "Operation not allowed" message after updating.

On my system, those files have the immutable bit set. "man chflags" will tell 
you how to get rid of that flag so you can chmod the file. It's probably a 
good idea to set the flag back once you're done.

I don't know why the behaviour is different between a fresh install and an 
installworld, though. Now I'm interested to find out. Hopefully someone will 

Hopefully this is your problem.


>A listing of the file shows "-r-sr-xr-x root wheel" as the permissions and
>ownership.  The "s" is common to all the files I cannot change (I believe
>this indicates the suid bit (which is why I'm trying to chmod this in the
>first place)), but chmod 0000 produces the same results (not allowed).
>I am logged in as root on the console, am not running ACL, yellow pages, or
>anything else for authentication beyond master.passwd at this stage (fresh
>I have looked at the man page for chmod, and searched google, with no
>Please help.
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