I have a public IP address and a couple of machines sitting behind a
FreeBSD router doing NAT.  I'm using ipnat and ipf right now (although I
used to use natd/ipfw so I don't mind switching -- I started using
ipf/ipnat because of an odd problem with 5.1-RELEASE but I'm switching
back to 4.9 now) and wondered if it was possible to do forwarding based
on DNS.

  For example Apache is clever enough to support virtual hosts based on
the address requested.  Is there any way at all to do this for
forwarding on the router?  For example if I had three CNAMES for the
same IP red, pink and blue.  Could I have red.foo.bar forwarded to, pink.foo.bar forwarded to and say blue.foo.bar
go to the local machine (i.e. the router)?

  Thanks very much,


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