I'm having some problems getting NIS working with 5.1.

Historically, I'd set up ypbind, add +::::::::: to the user database, and
I was off and running. Not so, it appears, in 5.1.

My understanding is that the servers are NIS+, although I do not have all of
the details. I'm able to get ypbind to bind to the domain using
"-m -S <domain>,<server1>,<server2>" syntax. I can use ypwhich, ypcat, and
ypmatch to pull database records, so this side of it seems to work.

However, if I add the +::::::::: to the user database, I can not log in as
a NIS user. Using trafshow, I can see traffic to and from the server, so
I'm guessing its a local authentication thing, so I pressed on.

After reading the man page, it tickled my memory about using DES passwords, so
I went in to /etc/login.conf and changed the passwd_format entry to des. Still
no joy. So, more reading.

Based on what the "defaults" are supposed to be, this should now be working.
However, in believing that the docs might be wrong, I removed the +:::::::::,
and created the following nsswitch.conf file, which I stuck in /etc.

hosts:files dns
passwd:nis [success=return] files
group:nis files

Still no joy, and playing with the file doesn't seem to help out a lot. The
only log messages I'm getting is the stock "login failed..." messages.

Can anyone give me a pointer as to what I'm missing? I can't believe that
it would be totally broken, so I'm assuming its OE.

If you could email me directly, I'd appreciate it, as I don't always get a 
chance to review the list digests.

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