Thanks Matthew for your explanation. You answered a lot of my questions.
Makes sense now really.

Just out of curiosity, why would someone want to use:


Is there some type of benefit?
One would think that the best option for production servers is:


THanks for your insight.


At 06:37 PM 10/28/2003 +0000, you wrote:
On Tue, Oct 28, 2003 at 09:43:20AM -0800, Jason Williams wrote:
> Good morning everyone.
> I was hoping to get some verification regarding CVS Tags. I'm pretty sure I
> understand, but just wanted to have my thoughts validated for me.
> In reading the CVS Tag page in the handbook, I understand the basics of
> what is going on.
> If I specify this in my cvsup file:
> RELENG_4_8
> I will follow the Release Branch of 4.8, plus security patches.
> This would be a good choice for production servers.


> For this, you are following the entire 4.x stable branch. In theory, if I
> install 4.5 and set this up in my cvsup file and run it, I will have the
> source tree going all the way to 4.9rc# correct? From here, you could build
> world?

Correct.  At the moment, RELENG_4 will get you 4.9-RC4, which will
shortly become 4.9-RELEASE for a few minutes while the RELENG_4_9
branch is created, and then 4.9-STABLE.

If you're willing to wait for a few days RELENG_4_9 would also be a
good choice for a production server.

> Finally:
> This would follow just the source, ports and docs tree up to 4.8, the
> "frozen" section, correct?
> Why would someone want to use this particular setup? What are the benefits?
> Drawbacks?
> Would it work in a sense that if I installed 4.4 on a server, set this up
> in my cvsup file to RELENG_4_8_0_RELEASE, ran the update to update sources,
> ports and docs, then make world: That then would make my box 4.8 ?

Not so correct.  RELENG_4_8_0_RELEASE marks the state of the system
sources at the point that the RELENG_4_8 branch was created, and what
went onto the release CDs.  Yes, you can use this tag to download
sources and building world from there will get you 4.8-RELEASE.

However, it's not generally useful to put this tag into a cvsup
sup-file -- principally because it marks a point in time, and once
you've downloaded it, there won't be any updates.  So: no security
patches etc.  If you're tempted to use this tag, then you probably
really want to use RELENG_4_8 or RELENG_4_9 instead.

Note that the RELENG_4_x and RELENG_5_x tags apply only to the system
sources.  The one important tag you've not mentionned is '.', also
known as the HEAD in cvs terms.  When applied to the system sources,
this gets you 5-CURRENT, but unless you're a high powered system
hacker type, you don't want that.

Ports and docs however, are a different matter. For those collections
'.' is the only game in town.  The RELENG_x_y tags simply don't exist,
and if you accidentally try and cvsup ports using one of them, you'll
end up deleting your whole ports tree.  [The RELENG_x_y_0_RELEASE tags
do exist, but exactly like the system sources they just serve to mark
what goes onto the CD Roms.]



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