Hello everyone.

Im pretty new to building my own world here, but im excited to learn it.

I followed the handbook as suggested on how to make world.

I installed FreeBSD 4.8 on my workstation. I installed cvsup and configured my stable-supfile as well as my ports-supfile. I updated my ports no problem.
Here are the contents of my stable-supfile:

*default host=cvsup12.FreeBSD.org
*default base=/usr/local/etc/cvsup
*default prefix=/usr
*default release=cvs tag=RELENG_4
*default delete use-rel-suffix

I did a: cvsup -g -L 2 stable-supfile and it did its work.

I then proceeded as in the handbook.

After I booted to my new kernel (I noticed it said FreeBSD 4.9 stable, so I booted correctly).

However, im having some problems when I test the kernel: Specifically with 'top' and 'ps'

# top
kvm_open: proc size mismatch (34048 total, 1060 chunks)
top: Out of memory.

# ps
ps: proc size mismatch (29792 total, 1060 chunks)

At this point, I was going to go back and retry doing everything as suggested in the handbook.

In the meantime, anyone have any idea what im missing or what is going on?

I appreciate it.



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