Okay, pardon me for doing this folks but rather than have two separate
e-mails I figured I might as well place both points in here that I am
having trouble with.

1. I run FreeBSD 4.8 on my laptop, very nicely I might add. Its on my
home network via 802.11b with the router utilising DHCP. Unfortunately,
I have to manually control the wireless device every time I boot up and
login so that it comes back onto the network, I assume this is because I
am doing something wrong that doesn't allow for DHCP. In my rc.conf I
have the line:

ifconfig_wi0="ssid WLAN"

This works fine, on boot it is clearly scanning on that WLAN but it just
isn't locking onto channel 11 and associating, as it should. So
everytime I login I have to type dhclient wi0. Now, I've tried to add
something along these lines into the rc.conf, such as:




But to no avail. Can anyone point me to where I am going wrong and
perhaps show me the light?

2. My second problem, which isn't really a great problem (more of a
vanity thing really), is with the FreeBSD boot loader. On boot the
loader looks like this:

F1   ???
F2   FreeBSD

Default: F2

Now thats all fine and dandy, except the other OS on my hard drive is
Windows XP Professional. How do I alter the boot loader to reflect F1 as
being WinXP? I've read the man-page for boot0cfg and it doesn't appear
to offer what I need, moreover I see no point in fiddling with the
existing configuration of the slices. As I said, its mainly vanity.

I hope that someone will be able to answer my questions, many thanks in


Andrew Humphries <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
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