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> The second is to use fam. I should mention that I've only used fam under
> linux, and, after a brief glance, it looks like the FreeBSD port
> (/usr/ports/devel/fam) is not as powerful--in particular, FreeBSD
> apparently doesn't provide imon support (a way for the filesystem to
> make a callback to a usermode app like fam--no dnotify or anything
> similar, either, apparently). Which implies that it's probably just a
> heavier-weight way of doing the exact same thing--periodically stat'ing
> a list of files--and that there is no better solution available.

Check the kevent(2) man page.  It's a generic mechanism for having the
kernel message your process when some condition occurs, such as
modification of a file.  Unfortunately other than knowing something
happened, it doesn't tell you a great deal else, like who it was that
made the alteration.

Even so, fam(1) has apparently not been patched to use kevent(2) under
FreeBSD, so, yes, it's probably going to operate by polling the file
status every so often.



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