OS: freeBSD 4.8-STABLE


okay I am having a difficult time here. I must be misunderstainding something.
I have one tape drive and two clients. one of the client machines dis also the
server which has a single tape drive attached to it. the tape drive handles
only one cartridge at a time. I am rotating backups between 3 separate
cartridges. each weekly backup should be able to fit on one tape only since
the tapes are 50GB each.

I have already used these tapes for backup. The tape recently rotated.and as
soon as the tape was inserted I received mail to run the cartready program and
did that.

then afbackup ejects the tape from the drive and sends me the following message:

"The device /dev/sa0 on host hostname.domain.com is not ready for use. You are
requested to check the device for possible errors and to correct them.

Best regards from your backup service. "

do I need to do more then cartready? Am I missing a step to rewind the tape?

Any ideas here



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