System is freebsd 4.7 with up to date sources.
Mailer is exim 4.24 with mysql
Pop3 server is TPOP3D 1.5.2

System was exim 4.10 and tpop3d 1.4.2 before upgrade

After upgrade of exim and tpop3d clients using outlook or outlook express
with versions less than 5.5 have the received date of all emails showing 4th
October 2001.
The mail is received by exim and dropped correctly into the users mailbox.
Viewing the mailbox file contents shows no reference to this date only
correct date headers.
So telnet into the pop server and view the mail - no reference to this
incorrect date and all headers correct. Yet when the client draws the mail
through their mail client with version prior to 5.5 the received dates are
incorrect. Only the time varies.
To fix the problem is simple upgrade the few hundred clients to explorer 5.5
or above - right.
Any had this or got ANY suggestions. Amavis is running on the server but it
does the same even if i remove amavis from the exim configure file.
By the way it does it on both our servers on separate networks after they
were upgraded.

Please help.

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