>> I installed screen on my 4.8 normally using pkg_add -r screen. I update
>> the ports tree with cvsup on regular basis and the version that got
>> installed was screen-3.9.13.
> Its a known bug. Install screen from the compiled ports and it will all
> be fine

Great, thanks - it worked! Now it doesn't eat all my CPU which is nice.

But I have another problem related to screen. That is when I start screen
my terminal emulation gets messed up. For example if a hit backspace or
delete I get a ~ and the bell and my left- and right arrows doesn't work.
This hasn't either happend to me under Linux. What could cause this and
where can I controll the terminal emulation...? This happens to me with
both tcsh and bash - if it has anything to do with the problem...

Thanks again!

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