On Oct 29, 2003, at 4:16 PM, B F wrote:
FreeBSD machine
Switch---------->Cable modem----->internet
WindowsXP machine

I have Roadrunner cable service ( i know, it sucks, but i get it for free). Can someone just tell me step by step how to get my internet running starting from a FreeBSD clean install? I have spent days trying different things I've read on websites and books, but have yet to get it working. Thanks.

If your switch is something like a Linksys broadband router, which runs it's own DHCP server and maybe PPPOE, you should be able to just do a "dhclient" on the FreeBSD machine and be good to go.

Otherwise, you can set up your own local subnet on the switch, and then set up internet connection sharing on one machine or the other, but you'll need to add a second NIC, run NAT and PPPOE, and so forth.


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