I'm about to set up several identical machines (identical hardware
both in terms of processor, harddisk, LAN etc.) with FreeBSD 4.9. The
only difference between these machines is they're running under
different IP-addresses - all the rest (kernel, software,...) should be

In order to keep installation effort at a minimum I'm looking for a
way to "clone" FreeBSD installations from one machine to another.

To be specific:

o) Is there a way to clone one machine to another one "over the net",
i.e. by writing an image file from one machine to a server and then
setting up the other machines from that image?

o) Is there a way to clone FreeBSD installations by copying the entire
FreeBSD slice to another drive (I thought about installing the
harddisks of the other machines in the master machines and then
copying the installtion) (Is "Knoppix" capable of doing this?)

Anybody sucessfully tried cloning installations like this?

TIA for your help,

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