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probably wrote:

> Hello,
> After recent reinstallation of X I cannot use Russian layout anymore. With
> the old release (4.1.0), I had two lines in the XF86Config file which did
> the job:
>        Option  "XkbLayout"       "ru"

It should be 
        Option  "XkbLayout"       "us,ru"

It works, though no docs say that.

>        Option  "XkbOptions"      "grp:shift_toggle"
> They installed the map with columns 1,2 filled with Latin keysyms, and
> columns 3,4 filled with Cyrillic keysyms (as reported by 'xmodmap -pk' or
> xkeycaps), and double shift switched the layout.
> With the new release of X (4.3.0), and with the above options in the
> XF86Config retained, I get the map with columns 1,2 filled with Cyrillic
> keysyms, and columns 3,4 empty :(
> OK, if XKB method does not work, I tried to switch back to older scheme,
> xruskb with XkbLayout "en". This way, the columns are switched (as
> reported by xkeycaps), but only empty keysyms are generated in Russian
> mode (as reported by xev). Were there some changes on the way between
> these two version of X? I cannot find anything in the docs or lists...
> Any idea would be appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Alex
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