On Thu, Oct 30, 2003 at 11:35:00AM -0500, Jonathan Arnold wrote:
> Alex de Kruijff wrote:
> >On Fri, Oct 10, 2003 at 09:30:30AM +0800, Gil Agno Virtucio wrote:
> >
> >>and thanks again for reading this email. I had previously written an
> >>email to you about my mouse problems. Everytime I try to run KDE, when
> >>I move the mouse the cursor moves to the upper right hand corner. I
> >>changed the protocol to AUTO in the configuration file as per the
> >>suggestions of the people who responded to my email but this did not
> >>help. I know that the mouse works(for sure).
> >>
> >>Could there be anything else that I need to change?
> >>
> >>The mouse is a PS/2 type. It even works(moves around properly) when
> >>I'm in the terminal interface screen.
> >>
> >
> >This is the way i've set it up:
> >
> >Relevant /etc/rc.conf:
> >
> >moused_flags="-a .4" # This allows you to fine tune the mouse
> >moused_enable="YES"
> >moused_port="/dev/psm0"
> >moused_type="auto"
> Someone will certainly correct me if I'm wrong, but moused has *nothing*
> to do with the mouse in X. moused runs the mouse when you are in text
> mode, if you have vidcontrol set to do that. If you never run in text
> mode, you can safely remove 'moused' from your rc.conf. And don't bother
> fiddling with it to fix an X11 problem.

That is not quite correct.  If you have X set up to use /dev/sysmouse
as a mouse device, then X will get mouse movements from moused.
Fiddling with the settings for moused can fix X11 problems, if X is
configured to use moused.

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