+++ Jason Dictos [freebsd] [29-10-03 12:18 -0800]:
| Hi All,
|       I have FreeBSD 5.1 with KDE 3 running kmail. Kmail pulls from the
| local mailbox into its mail archive. I'd like to figure out a way to reading
| kmail email from the console. Is that possible?
| I can already read mail in my mailbox via the console by using mutt, however
| when kmail reads messages from the mailbox it deletes them and stores them
| in its own special file. So what I'm trying to do is read that file via  a
| console program.
| Thanks,
| -Jason

The mail is stored in Maildir format by KMail (v1.4). Check
out the mutt configuration. mutt supports Maildir format.

Shantanoo Mahajan
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