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[Moving to questions, since all of these are FAQs]

Hi, here we go...
> 1) It appears IPFW just works (eg, configure it in /etc/rc.conf).  It
>    used to be you had to compile it in.  What's interesting to me is
>    that IPFW options are not in generic, and I didn't think "options"
>    could be done in LKM's.  What am I missing?

You aren't missing anything, the module is loaded if needed.

> 2) IPDIVERT is missing / doesn't work, so while my IPFW config seemed 
>    to take/work natd did not work.  If IPFW is just going to work
>    having IPDIVERT just work seems like a good idea as well.

As per 1), if ipfw is loaded as module no ipdivert functionality will be
present, you need to add both in your kernel config.

> 3) There seems to be no more LINT or other listing of all the options.
>    Why?  In particular I needed "options NETATALK" but couldn't
>    remember the name and there was no file to quickly grep.  Has the
>    list of options been moved somewhere else?

The config file is now called NOTES, and was splitted in two parts,
machine dependent and machine independent. You can generate the LINT file
with: make LINT in that same directory where NOTES is.

> 4) Due to the way the makefiles now work it seems impossible to build
> a
>    new kernel after changing just "options" statements and install it
>    without also rebuilding all the modules...which takes quite some
>    time.  This seems to be because it moves the whole directory out of
>    the way in /boot.  This seems a little suboptimal to me.

You can choose not to build modules by setting it in make.conf.

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