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I just purchased FreeBSD 5.1 and got it installed sucessfully-YEAH!-yesterday. I am a "new newbie" with no previous experience with UNIX, so I feel this is a wonderful accomplishment. I ran accross one problem, though. Every time I installed ALL, the installation froze after about 30 minutes. I tried this about 8 times and realized that every time it froze on the exact same place.

Congratulations on trying something new; I hope you'll enjoy FreeBSD.

Anyway, your problem sounds a lot like APCI firing (ie, your machine going into sleep mode)-- try disabling APM/APCI via the BIOS or via the FreeBSD boot screen and see whether that helps.

I eventually came to the conclusion that ALL could not fit on my hard drive (4Gb total) and installed the USER configuration with the X thing and only KDE packages and the installation was successful. So was my conclusion correct? Do I need a larger harddrive? Is 4Gb not enough for ALL? How big is FreeBSD anyway?

That depends on how you partition your disk, but 4GB should be plenty. You can fit a "full install" into about 1 GB...

Good luck,

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