> In the last episode (Oct 30), Ronnie Clark said:
>> Thanks all for the suggestions. I have the port installed, but how
>> I configure this beast to work with OpenView? I have looked at the
>> online docs for the port, but it is all jibberish to this newbie.
>> Anyone have a simple to follow doc or set of guidelines to setup
>> net-snmp to be monitored by Openview?
> There shouldn't be any configuration needed.  By default, net-snmp will
> output stats for network interfaces, disk usage, CPU load, memory/swap
> usage, and active processes.  How to get all that stuff monitored by
> OpenView I have no idea.

If it is anything like Compaq's Inside Manager, you should only need to
set the SNMP community string in the FreeBSD SMNP Deamon.  How this is
done I am not sure.  There should be a way for you to set the read only
and full controll community strings.  Then just add the server like you
would any other server in Open View.
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