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I have a printer configured in the BSD, is working fine, now I need to enable that other systems print in this printer, to do this I add 2 lines to the file /etc/hosts.lpd

but the remote system can't print, so I run lpd with -c flag
to enable all the connections error via syslog.

In the file /var/log/lpd-errs I have this message repeated

Oct 28 20:25:11 bsdsis lpd[10575]: Host name for remote host
( not known (8)

why doesn't print, if the ip is in the file hosts.lpd?

If I run the command "host", it return me 3
names and one of them is ""

You should only need the real hostname in /etc/hosts.lpd. You do not need to list the real IP address in addition to the hostname.

To get the mapping between hosts and IP addresses to work,
you would have to put an entry in /etc/hosts:

and then put just the line:

in /etc/hosts.lpd

Also, I like to enable the printers (all) in this server
to be accessible to any one in the net 10.

I saw your earlier question on this, and I believe the answer is that there isn't any good way to do this. You might be able to set something up with a netgroup, although that is not documented very well.

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