I have 4.1 running on a Compaq Proliant 2500 with two Pent Pro 200 and 1 GB.
The system has the standard built-in SCSI controller, embedded 10/100 and
embedded video and everything works just fine under 4.1

I decided to upgrade to the most current version (5.1) avilable from FreeBSD
Mall instead of downloading the images and burning them.

When I try to do a clean install from either the CD or from the floppies I
made, the install always freeze at "starting standard system install screen"

My guess is that the installer is not seeing all of the memory, based on the
reported memory when it boots, but I am obviously not smart enough to figure
out how to modify the files on the floppy disks to get the
MAXMEM=(1000*1024) statement included in the file.

Any suggestions?

Preben Nielsen

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