i 'am search for an solution for a multi-jailed enviroment. I have an system with
around 20 jailed enviroments that are made for easy of use. The idea is
to add to this jailed system an jailed central firewall for all other jailed enviroments.
To gets this to run i need a special routing which is easily done on linux with
"policy routing" but i didn't found a similar function on bsd. My network
layout look like this, remember this network is running in one box.


                            |---- internaljail-0(
                            |---- internaljail-1(
                            |---- internaljail-2(
                            |---- internaljail-3(

To enable this i need to add to the internaljails an defaultroute
to the and the needs an defaultroute to the internet so that the firewalljail will transfer(filter) all packets
which are send/received from the internaljails. Is there any solution. I know that there some additional problems with setting
the ipf/bpf kernel infos from an jail but this problem is solveable,
first solution is not use an jail for the firewall, to use the master.

Thanks in advance


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