Congrats on your new OS!

Did you know that you can press "Alt-F2" to see some debug output
during the install?  "Alt-F2" changes to the second of the
virtual consoles, "Alt-F1" gets you back to the first console, "Alt-F3" 
to the third, etc.  I tried this once on the install of an earlier release of
FreeBSD (4.x) that was "hanging" as you described, and it turned out that one
of the ports I was trying to install had brought everything to a halt
waiting from some user input...   When I switched to the virtual terminal
where it was waiting for this input and gave it the answer it was looking
for the install continued without any more "hangs".  If you are simply 
running out of disk space, the debug output or the installer should be
telling you "out-of-disk-space" error messages.  

Am 30.10.2003 um 15:20:46 -0600, hat [EMAIL PROTECTED] geschrieben:
> I just purchased FreeBSD 5.1 and got it installed sucessfully-YEAH!-
> yesterday.  I am a "new newbie" with no previous experience with UNIX, 
> so I feel this is a wonderful accomplishment.  I ran accross one problem, 
> though.  Every time I installed ALL, the installation froze after about 
> 30 minutes.  I tried this about 8 times and realized that every time it 
> froze on the exact same place.  I eventually came to the conclusion that 
> ALL could not fit on my hard drive (4Gb total) and installed the USER 
> configuration with the X thing and only KDE packages and the installation 
> was successful.  So was my conclusion correct?  Do I need a larger 
> harddrive? Is 4Gb not enough for ALL?  How big is FreeBSD anyway?

Ed Braaten

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