On Wed, Oct 29, 2003 at 05:52:09PM -0500, Dragoncrest wrote:
>       I'm upgrading all my workstations to 4.9 tonight, but I have a small 
>       mail server (p120 with 120m ram) that's running 4.8 that does nothing more 
> than fetch mail, sort it, scan it, then deliver it locally for me to pick 
> up at my leisure.  I'm wondering if it would be in my best interests to 
> leave it at 4.8 for right now or go ahead with the 4.9 upgrade.  The mail 
> server is my only mission critical machine right now, so that's why I'm 
> asking this.  It's the only box I can't afford to have go down.  Any help 
> or suggestions is welcome.  Thanks.

Rigth now your better of waiting. You have a firewall on that computer
right? Your better off switching to 4.9 in one or two months.


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