On Thu, 2003-10-30 at 23:26, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> hey..
> i just invested my money in this product... and im beginning to wonder why
> i chose microsoft =P
> anywho... the keyboard works great, other than the fact that i gotta deal
> with the different layout of the keys =PP lol ill live... but the mouse..
> the mouse.. i think its a fbsd related prob cuz when i push the button on
> the wireless reciever , then the connect on the mouse, the lights stop
> blinking, showing its connected.. but no cursor moves on the screen...
> *shrusg* maybe i need a driver... or something.. maybe i need to get a
> refund.. lol.. well.. hope i can et an answer asap.. tyvm
> Sean

You don't mention whether you're trying to get it to work on the console
or in X. You'll need to specify which kind of mouse you had before and
what the Pointers section in your XF86Config says followed by what kind
of mouse the new one is. USB? PS/2? Chances are the mouse will indeed
work in FreeBSD, but you need to provide more info before anyone can
give you particularly helpful advice.

Good luck,
Charles Ulrich

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