I am trying to setup an IPSec connection using

When I get to the bit about gifconfig gif0 a.b.c.d w.x.y.z (though I'm
using my real values) I get the following error:

weedwhacker# gifconfig gif0 a.b.c.d w.x.y.z
gifconfig: interface gif0 does not exist

FreeBSD 4.8-Release.

Relavant Items in my kernel config:
pseudo-device   gif             # IPv6 and IPv4 tunneling

#Turn on VPN
options         IPSEC
options         IPSEC_ESP

Still no dice.

Also, does Racoon support Aggressive mode?  As well as PFS?

Finally, the firewall administrator does not want to give me the IP
address of his internal interface (I'm mapping to a 10.*.*.* network). 
Is this going to be a problem?

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