On Wed, 22 Oct 2003, E. J. Cerejo wrote:

> I just went through the download page of postgresql but I couldn't see
> the client for windows, could you send me the link for the client or is
> it accessible with IE?

For starters most databases don't have "clients" in the sense of a program
to connect to use and use/changed/play with the data. Most SQL databases
such as PostgreSQL "Serve requests" to "clients". Clients usually come as
custom programs done for a particular purpose or administrative types of
programs that among other things allow you to interact with the database
and it's data.

What I believe others where trying to point you to are the ODBC drivers.
Basically a series of programs that let yet other programs talk to the

I would recommend you look into PHP as to not have to worry about the

Are you planning on doing this syste/database  yourself? Are you familiar
with doing programs?

There are different ways you could go about this, just let us know your
background so we can further comment.

For instance if only one user was to update the data and it would be read
only for the rest you could get an administration program for PostgreSQL
(and there are several both free and commercial) and manually enter the
data. For the output to the users I would still recommend PHP (a
programming language which would not be all that difficult for you to
pickup if you have done some programming).
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