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Hi Garance.

Thanks for your answer, ...

I think that the solution to my dilemma, is modify
the source code of LPD.

But before this I like to try the "netgroup" option,
where can I begin to read?

Well, you can check: man hosts.lpd which will tell you almost nothing. Now it happens that the hosts.lpd is actually processed by the same code that handles hosts.equiv, although that is not documented. So, it happens to be true that: man hosts.equiv will tell you some additional hints as to what is available. However, you will notice that the man page for hosts.equiv does little more than point you to the source code. So, that is not very helpful either.

There is also:
      man netgroup
which will tell you the format of the /etc/netgroup file.  I
should mention that I have never actually used netgroups, so
I am not sure that they will help you in this case.

I have skimmed through all of the above, and my guess is that
your original idea is probably the easiest one to do.  It
should be easier to change the source code in lpr/lpd/lpd.c
to make it behave the way you want it to behave.  Now that
I have read more about netgroups, I expect that they are not
very useful for what you really want to do.

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