On Fri, 31 Oct 2003, Michael Perry wrote:

> HI all-
> I recently did my first make buildworld make installworld and it went
> very well.  The howto stuff is very handy :).  My question though
> probably has two parts or so so I'll try to elaborate them a bit.  I
> have been using the linux-mozilla 1.4 port a lot so I can take advantage
> of the plugins.  The one thing I have found with linux-base 8 is that
> the java plugins don't work and have a common error which I have seen
> with glibc or other problems.  Can one install two different linux-base
> versions?  I would like to go to linux-base 6 so I can get the java
> plugin working in linux-mozilla.  I don't see a java version which works
> with linux-base 8 and will work as a plugin.  Any issues with having two
> versions of linux base installed or should I just deinstall the version
> 8 and install the linux base 6 stuff?
Getting linux-mozilla and java to work is always a bit tricky:
I have got
and use the plugin found in
This also works with
linux-realplayer, acroread-5 and linux-flash plugins.

Good Luck!


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