On Sat, Nov 01, 2003 at 02:25:22AM -0700, Andrew Carroll wrote:
> How can I find out what version of PMake is on my FreeBSD system?
> Is it true that the PMake with FreeBSD cannot be used to develop commercial
> software? (http://www.freebsd.org/cgi/url.cgi?ports/devel/pmake/pkg-descr)
> Is the FreeBSD make (the one I use to compile the kernel) really PMake?

There's actually two different programs both referred to as 'pmake'
here, both of which may possibly have descended from a common ancestor.

The system 'make' command is referred to as PMake within the system
documentation -- /usr/share/doc/psd/12.make/paper.ascii.gz to
distinguish it from an earlier make(1) program supplied with previous
Unix versions.  Nowadays the 'pmake' name usually serves to
distinguish the BSD system make from GNU make or 'gmake'.

The system make doesn't really have it's own separate version number
any more, as like most utilities, it is an integrated part of the
whole FreeBSD userland.  There's no licensing restrictions on how you
can use the system make, other than the usual 2 clause FreeBSD license
about creating derivative make(1) programs and so forth.

/usr/ports/devel/pmake is another make(1) derivative, but in this case
the code emphasises parallellism in the make process -- even to the
extent of being able to spread a compilation job around a network of
servers. The licensing terms are more restrictive than the standard
system make.



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