"Verghese George" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Can someone help me?
> I was trying to install X windows in my machine 
> The video card is shown as
> agp0 <intel 82815 (i815) SVGA controller>
> So modified the  /boot/loader.conf and inserted a line
> agp_load="YES" 
> and rebooted the system to allow loading of the module
> I aos creted a agp device note 
> #cd /dev
> #sh MAKEDEV agpgart
> I used the  /stand/sysintall command and used a fully graphical
> interface for X server configuration.
> I used  a card mode  i810 815
> ver syn 50-100
> hor syn 31.5 - 57.0
> HF SVGA 1024 X 768 @ 70 Hz
> I modified the /etc/ttys file to change the X windows terminal  ttyp8 to
> on.
> It came up with an error that the X windows confiugration failed.
> When I rebooted the system, the X window screen came up. When  I entered
> the login name and password for root, nothing happened. The screen again
> came up.

Sounds like the X configuration (and xdm setup) is working fine.
Try logging in from a text console to make sure the accounts are set
up properly.  [You can get back to a text console from the xdm login
by typing C-A-Fx, where Fx is a function key between 1 and 8.]
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