> :
> > > On Thu, 2003-10-02 at 11:06, Mike Maltese wrote:
> > > > > It's in
> > > > > /usr/ports/net/samba-devel/
> > > > >
> > > > Yes, but the port hasn't been updated to the release version.
> newbie question.
> why isn't the ports updated ? Seems alot of times the ports is outdated by a
> version  or more.
> I mean if everyone is always saying its in the ports should they not be
> better upkeeped ?

It's a volunteer effort.  However, it's generally pretty good at being
up-to-date.  In this case, for example, the ports system has the
latest official release in the "samba" port, and the most recent
development release in the "samba-devel" port.  The samba-devel port
has often taken a couple of weeks to bring in the latest version, but
that doesn't seem unreasonable.

> Also why is such an old version of perl 5.003 still in the freebsd base when
> 5.8 is out ?

For the most obvious reason:  some people still need it.
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