Hello. I just started running a small software service company providing services for some opensource groupwares. I have several technical consultants work for me as second job. They are college network administrators, they are mostly free, hanging on line chatting, hacking code all day.

I redirect clients' calls from my office's phone to their cell phones with the help of local telephone company, and they answer phone calls in the college. But I wish to know how clients actually need and feel by recording and re-examine the phone calls, so what I want to do is: redirect my clients phone calls to my consultants, meanwhile record (the voice of) all the phone calls (of course with my consultants acknowledged and agreed). Local telephone company does not provide this kind of service, and I didn't find the kind of equipment on the market.

Of course I can seek commercial solutions, but I'm small company and I'd love to play with scripts, and buying solution is not a hacker's style (though I'm not geek:). I thought this can be simple: I need to setup a server, buy several modem cards (and book several phone lines accordingly) and a sound card and connect them with proper wire. Listen to the first modem (modemA), if a call comes in, dial each consultant's phone number with the rest of modem cards. Once a consultant answers the phone, pick up modemA and start the sound recorder. The modemA's speaker line connects to all other modems line-in; The modemA's line-in connects to all other modems speaker; and they are all connected to the sound card. I only have several consultants so I don't need too many cards. Of course when I grow big I'll need to have a professional solution.

Looking into the ports I found comms/scud which can be used to listen to phone calls, and the rest should be simple, just sending ATD/ATH commands all around. But I never played with modem-related scripts before, there can be difficulty lies right in front that I don't realize. So what is your suggestion?

My background is 3 years web designer and jsp programmer, one year's FreeBSD experience, would this be difficult to people like me? I'd love to do it myself.

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