i'm trying to install 4.9-RELEASE from the bootable CDROMs. i can't get very far because it hangs during the boot process with the following error:

ad3: READ command timeout tag=0 serv=0 resetting
ata1: resetting devices...

and that's it. total freeze.

i've done a little googling and most of the suggestions i've found center around drive cabling/jumpering. however, the system is totally functional under Windows XP (that's how i'm writing this message) so i'm pretty sure all the hardware is wired up properly.


hardware: asus a7n8x motherboard, athlon xp 2200+, onboard IDE

primary master: western digital wd1200JB
primary slave: yamaha crw-f1e cd-rw
secondary master: western digital wd1200JB
secondary slave: ibm dtla-307045


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