On Sun, 02 Nov 2003 19:34:39 +0000, Adrian Fisher <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Please note I am trying to install FreeBSD 5.1 onto a blank system. The system is a Soltek Cubic system with an Athlon 2600+, 512MB DDR RAM, DVD drive and CD-R/W as well as an 80GB HDD and a 40GB one.

I have followed the instructions in the book I bought (FreeBSD Unleashed) to the letter but still cannot complete a full installation. I get no error messages at all but still find the installation does not complete as I cannot get it to install a boot record so I have not been able to get it to boot from the HDD. What is wrong? I have tried with both the CD from the book and also an image I downloaded from the net.

What do you see when you try to reboot? What do you choose (and *exactly* how) at the point in the installation where you are asked whether you want to install the FreeBSD bootloader? What is installed on your hard drives at the moment?

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