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Alexander Mayer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Hi,
> is wake-on-lan possible on a PC running FreeBSD? I want to boot my 
> FreeBSD-PC with wake-on-lan. In Linux there is a problem with many 
> drivers because they disable wake-on-lan. Only a few drivers give the 
> possibility to enable this feature. What about FreeBSD?
> Alex


I use WOL (sometimes) with freeBSD and ports/net/wol/
Basically, when I am not at home to wake up my desktop via wol from
my nat-box.
The nat-box is RELENG-4_7 with two fxp (Intel NIC) and the desktop
a ASUS CUSL-2 with 933mhz pIII and another fxp running RELENG_4.
Other setups may differ.

It was some time ago when I used this for the first time, but I can't
remember to have turned something on. It just worked ;]
Be sure to also check the posting from Alexander Kuehn regarding
the hardware issues.


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