I have a strange problem the 3Com cards in my router.
I had installed 4.8 on a Compaq Deskpro and installed
to 3Com cards that use the xl driver. Most of the time
the router works fine, but at random times it would
stop routing. If I would log into the machine locally
and ifconfig down and up on the external NIC or reboot
it would begin to work again for a random period of
time and then stop again. Until I would do this I
could not even ping anything. I upgraded to 4.9RC2 but
the problem still occurred. Now I can only seem to fix
it for about a minute or so by doing either a reboot
or the ifconfig commands mentioned above. Another
strange thing is that when this happens, if I try to
SSH into the machine’s internal NIC from a machine on
the local net it takes a long time to display the
login prompt and then a long time to display the
password prompt if it displays either at all before
timing out. I can ping the internal NIC perfectly fine
though. Does anyone have a clue as to what this could
be caused by?



Chad Gross
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