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> Is it normal for a Port to be compiled for 3-4 days?  I was just wondering?
> I would really appreciate if anyone can help me how to verify that my 
> machine is indeed compiling the right way or it is just going in a loop...
> What if I would kill it...what would happen?  Can I start 
> again...compile from the Ports and encounter no problems?...Oh...by the 
> way, I am a Newbie...I do not know how to properly Kill it...

Nope.  I'd say that something has quite clearly gone wrong there.

You can kill the compilation using 'Ctrl-C' (maybe required several
times) -- that's the usual was to kill any misbehaving process under

Before re-trying the compilation, cvsup(1) the latest version of the
ports to pick up any fixes that may have gone into the tree in the
mean time.



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