Matthew Seaman wrote:

On Tue, Nov 04, 2003 at 04:24:18PM +0900, Rommel B. IKEDA wrote:

Is it normal for a Port to be compiled for 3-4 days? I was just wondering?
I would really appreciate if anyone can help me how to verify that my machine is indeed compiling the right way or it is just going in a loop...
What if I would kill it...what would happen? Can I start again...compile from the Ports and encounter no problems? the way, I am a Newbie...I do not know how to properly Kill it...

Nope. I'd say that something has quite clearly gone wrong there.

You can kill the compilation using 'Ctrl-C' (maybe required several
times) -- that's the usual was to kill any misbehaving process under

Before re-trying the compilation, cvsup(1) the latest version of the
ports to pick up any fixes that may have gone into the tree in the
mean time.

Thank you very much...I tried Ctrl-C and with just one try it stopped and said "You have Mail."
I do not know what happened...I do not use CVSup because I can not...with the networking configurations that we have in the office...I have been dowloading CTM deltas...I will try to ctm today...and use portsdb -Uu to update my ports...
Again, Thank you very much...

Rommel B. Ikeda

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