Selon Nathan Kinkade <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> Hmmm ... again, certainly this is an option that has crossed your mind
> already, but would it be impossible or impractical to move
> /exports/share2 to a diff filesystem, such that you could then export
> with different options.  If for some reason share1 and share2 must both

The thing is that I cannot move share1 or share2 away from this filesystem
because of different reasons... the main one would be money.

> /exports/share1 -maproot=nobody:nobody -network
> /diff/filesys/share2 -mapall=root:users -network

I thank you so much for trying to help me.
Unfortunately, I don't see any resolution to this problem but I'm not desperate,
I'm sure there's a way to do what I need.

One thing I though about:
is it possible to force every writes under /exports/share2 to be GID=users ? I'm
not an expert when it comes to setgid, but maybe I should have a look at it.
Then I could just use:
/exports/share1 /exports/share2 -maproot=nobody:nobody -network

And every created files to /exports/share2 would be GID=users... I guess... ?

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