Hi all,

I'm curious whether there's an easy way to renice(8) a process and all of its children in one simple command. For example, I might start a recursive make, which spawns lots of processes, and want them all to change priority at once.

The command I want is this:

renice +10 -r process-ID

Except for the fact that -r is not a valid flag. The pstree utility, in the ports, seems like it might be a good start to hack this functionality in. I searched google for "recursive renice" and found someone had made a sed script, but it's for linux, where the pstree output is different. Here's some example pstree output:

 |             \-+- 14187 zevt gmake
 |               \-+- 14189 zevt gmake all-recursive
 |                 \-+- 14190 zevt /bin/sh -c set fnord ;
 |                   \-+- 14807 zevt /bin/sh -c set fnord ;

Google result that's relevant:

Any hints? Thanks in advance to any answers.


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