I've just spent the past little while searching Google for anything that
might shed some light on this, and am drawing a blank .,.

I just setup an Apache 2.0.48 server, and all the config files are 'the
default' based on what FreeBSD installs from ports ... if I go to:


I get a string of 'garbage'(high ascii?) characters across my browser,
almost as if its reading the raw directory, but if I go to:


the page comes up fine ...

I have a DirectoryIndex in place:

        DirectoryIndex index.php index.html index.cgi index.htm home.htm

And if I put an index.php file in place, it gets loaded up fine as just
'http://domain' ... but if I remove it, I have to references the
index.html explicitly for me to get up a page ...

I saw the FAQ items about MMAP and SendFile, but altho I did try just in
case, they dn't appear pertinent, since the index.html page is accessible
if referenced directly, just not when referenced with the DirectoryIndex
directive ...

I tried removing the index.php from the DirectoryIndex directive, but that
didn't make any difference either ...

I'm figuring that its something obvious I'm not seeing ...


Thanks ...
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