On Wednesday,  5 November 2003 at 13:53:08 +0100, Simon Barner wrote:
>> However, /dev gets regenerated after each reboot so losing the soft
>> links. Is there a way to stop this?
> Coincidentally, I struggled with the same problem only 5 minutes ago.
> There is a configuration file /etc/devfs.conf where you can specify
> rules that are applied to your devfs.
> Btw. When I want to use cdparanoia on -CURRENT, I have to sym-link /dev/cd0
> to /dev/cd0c. Is this the right way to go, or should that sub-device be
> created automatically?

No.  /dev/cd0c is a nonsense name, since CDs don't have BSD labels.
You need to change your cdparanoia config, and if that's the default
set for cdparanoia, the port needs fixing.

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