Valerian Galeru wrote:
I installed x windows with sysinstall, then i installed blackbox
> (a window manager). Then if x server is not started and i execute
> blackbox command i get a error like this: x server not started
> something like this. If i start xserver and then run the
> blackbox command,  i get another error (something like this
> one: another windows manager started, but i didnt install
> any window manager). And then, i can configure ~/.xinitrc
> but i cant find it in my home directory (in /home/val (val
> is my username) and in root the same). Ok. In man xstart
> it is said that this file can miss, and then i must go to
> /usr/...... after i configure that file and run startx
> nothing happens.

One senseful action would be, copy /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/xinit/xinitrc
into your home directory as .xinitrc and change the
line 'twm' into your favourite window manager.

> What is the problem?

You did neither read the documentation carefully enough
nor ask a good question.

> How can i deinstall x windows and start it again?

pkg_delete -rx XFree

> Or what can i DO???

Try man pkg_delete first :-)

> 10x for help

No thanks. Therefore we're here :-)


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