Howdy list,

I've been looking for a cheap external v.90 56k
lately so I can go ahead and convert my home
computer to FreeBSD (has a winmodem currently).

I found the cendyne 56k modems all over the internet
for about $20, sometimes even including shipping. I
think Cendyne went out of business or something.

Anyway, I'm just wondering if the cendyne 56k is
indeed a controller based serial modem, or if it's
a nasty serial winmodem, designed to fool the world
into thinking it's controller based.

Has anyone had experience with the cendyne external
56k serial modem?

Jesse Guardiani, Systems Administrator
WingNET Internet Services,
P.O. Box 2605 // Cleveland, TN 37320-2605
423-559-LINK (v)  423-559-5145 (f)

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