Hello, I now have a server running named, and it's assigned a public IP
address. Within this server is a jail that is running sshd, and the jail
has it's own unique public IP. The ethernet adapter has an alias to
accommodate the jail. (And it also works if I put the alias on the
loopback - not sure if there is any difference.)

If I ssh into the jail and run /stand/sysinstall, then use the menu
selections to try to obtain a port or package via FTP, I get to the part
where I select an FTP site the receive the following error message: "no
network devices available" and I can't go any farther.

Any suggestions? I did manage to find one previous post somewhere about
this, from over a year and a half ago, and I didn't fully understand what
was being said about low level calls. The reply did tend to indicate you
can't FTP from inside a jail, but I am hoping the technology has changed
and now it's possible.... well, I can hope, right?

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