Lee Harr wrote:

Just ran my weekly cvsup program followed by portsbd -Uu.  Tried running
portsversion -l and received a message indicating that I should run
pkgdb -F to deal with a stale dependency.  Note following:

Stale dependency: sgmlformat-1.7_2 -> docbook-3.1_2 (textproc/docbook-310):
docbook-xsl-1.62.3 (score:43%) ? ([y]es/[n]o/[a]ll)

My understanding here is that I'm to choose between the dependency the
port has recorded, docbook-3.1_2, or the one installed,

Not exactly. The dependency is recorded as docbook-3.1_2 and it does not
see that package, so it is suggesting the package it believes is the closest
match. (note however that it only scores docbook-xsl at 43%)

I took a look at the sgmlformat-1.7_2 port and found the following:

R-deps: docbook-1.2_1 docbook-241_2 docbook-3.0_2 docbook-3.1_2
docbook-4.0_2 do cbook-4.1_2 iso8879-1986_2 jade-1.2.1_5 linuxdoc-1.1_1

Seems strange that it would depend on all of those different docbook versions. That may be part of the problem... did you uninstall any of those (or maybe portupgrade did it for you?)

Looking at the docbook port, it depends on
dockbook-241,300,310,400, and 410

I went back to the prompt in the pkgdb program and indicated "no".  This
was followed by:

Good idea, given the low score.

New dependency? (? to help):

Wasn't sure how to respond, so I aborted the program and ran pkgdb -Fa
which didn't fix the dependencies either. It did, however repeat the
stale dependency prompt for all 6 of the docbook dependencies shown above.

Can anyone help me understand what the program is looking for at the new
dependency prompt?  I was about to respond with a delete command but
wasnt' sure what I would be deleting?  I did backup /var/db/pkg.

I think if it were me, I would check to see if the docbook-310 port were still
installed correctly, and if not, install it and then try pkgdb -F again.

Not sure I understanad the need to examine docbook-310. When I run pkg_info -ro sgmlformat-1.7_2, I get the following:
Information for sgmlformat-1.7_2:

Depends on:
Dependency: xmlcatmgr-1.1
Dependency: iso8879-1986_2
Dependency: jade-1.2.1_5
Dependency: linuxdoc-1.1_1
Dependency: docbook-4.1_2
Dependency: docbook-4.0_2
Dependency: docbook-3.1_2
Dependency: docbook-3.0_2
Dependency: docbook-241_2
Dependency: docbook-1.2_1

Or, since docbook already depends on all of those other docbook components,
maybe you can just point the dependency at the docbook package....

Do you mean that I can answer the "New dependency?" prompt with Ctrl-Del?

Anyhow. I am no expert :o) Hope this helps.

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