Maybe some program is starting a sound daemon, like esd or something. If you started gnome or kde or possible anything else this may be the case. You should maybe use run 'ps aux' and see what is running when the sound doesn't work. If you have a sound daemon running it should be possible to make mplayer use it.
You could try 'shutdown now'(it will quit all you programs) which will drop your system into single user mode after you mplayer's sound quits and then type 'exit'. I never reboot unless I have to. If the works after- wards its probably something using the sound device. You really should't be using root for anything but maintenance(ie watching movie should probably be done as a user).


Here is the output from dmesg on my DVD

acd0: DVD-ROM <IDE DVD-ROM 16X> at ata1-master PIO4

Using FreeBSD 4.8

When I play a DVD with mplayer (usually with these options)

mplayer -brightness 9 -autosync 30 -dvd 1 /dev/dvd

I can play the DVD without ANY problems what so ever. The problem is
this. Say I just booted into FreeBSD, did a startx, loged into root and
ran mplayer with those options. It will play fine and no sound problem.
After a couple hours or so (using those same commands usually) I can
still play the DVD but no sound. If I reboot *AFTER* the sound problem
then I get the sound back. There are no other applications running at
the same time to block the audio so I don't know what it could be. Other
than this small problem, DVD is working pretty good so far for me under
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