I think if it were me, I would check to see if the docbook-310 port
were still
installed correctly, and if not, install it and then try pkgdb -F again.

Not sure I understanad the need to examine docbook-310. When I run pkg_info -ro sgmlformat-1.7_2, I get the following: Information for sgmlformat-1.7_2:

Depends on:
Dependency: xmlcatmgr-1.1
Dependency: iso8879-1986_2
Dependency: jade-1.2.1_5
Dependency: linuxdoc-1.1_1
Dependency: docbook-4.1_2
Dependency: docbook-4.0_2
Dependency: docbook-3.1_2

This is from the dockbook-310 port. The _2 is the port revision.

Dependency: docbook-3.0_2
Dependency: docbook-241_2
Dependency: docbook-1.2_1

Or, since docbook already depends on all of those other docbook
maybe you can just point the dependency at the docbook package....

Do you mean that I can answer the "New dependency?" prompt with Ctrl-Del?

Well... I am not using docbook, so I am not exactly sure. It looks to me
like the docbook port may be a "meta port" to pull in all of those docbook
versions. I am not sure if you have that one installed, or if you just have
all of the pieces.

Is docbook-3.0_2 still registered as installed on your system? I think that
is the one it is looking for. It is possible that when upgrading one of the
others, that one was removed inadvertently.

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